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UL Classified and meets all OSHA requirements



Installation takes 30 to 45 minutes



TeleFlight system is made from 26% recycled aluminum


When construction sites stress safety first, it’s for good reason. The average cost per case of fatal or nonfatal injury is $27,000 in construction. OSHA penalties can begin at $7,000 and may rise into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Injuries cost your business both directly and indirectly through liability, fines, lost man-hours, increased workmen's compensation expenses and low morale.
Scaffolding, ladders and temporary stairs can be some of the most active and dangerous areas of a work site. TeleFlight makes temporary stairs safe, increasing productivity and employee morale. The rugged tread surfaces are slip-resistant and dual fall protection barricades mean a TeleFlight is safe even during assembly and disassembly.
TeleFlight is the only UL Classified standardized fabricated stairway. It is UL listed (#2752) and meets or exceeds all OSHA requirements. The engineered aluminum component parts are ISO and ANSI approved and held to the most demanding tolerances in the extruded aluminum business. We are proud to say the system is
100% made in the USA.


A TeleFlight Stair System pays for itself after eight installations, based on the materials and time required to install a typical temporary stair. Installation is simple and consistent―faster than building a stair from scratch. Reusing TeleFlight eliminates wasted time and prevents materials from going into the dumpster at the end of every project.


TeleFlight increases productivity both during installation and in everyday use. Installation takes under an hour and requires minimal use of tools, versus a day to build a traditional temporary stair, and disassembly takes just 30 minutes. Multiply that over additional installations and you will realize substantial gains in efficiency. Because a TeleFlight system is safe, secure and reliable, workers are more comfortable and can move about the site more freely.


Each TeleFlight stair system is made from 80% post-consumer recycled aluminum –
an abundant resource compared with lumber. Because you use the system again
and again, you are reducing the waste of building stairs that get discarded at the end
of each project.